"Expeditions to the South of the South"

The Wind

The "Surazo", Chile`s strongest wind, blows all year round, but September to April is the best time. It is accompanied by the Humbolt current with its swell & perfect waves for surf and wavesailing.

The predominant wind during summer, spring and fall blows from the south-west. It is generated by a high pressure center off Central Chile and a thermic difference between the fresh Pacific waters and the hot land. Very light in the morning, the wind usually picks up at noon.

The best time of the year for windsurfing is from September to April with winds blowing between 15 and 30 knots. It can be irregular in off-shore conditions so windsurfers will need a board with some volume. For unexperienced wavesailors big fins are recommended to fight easily the current.

Average days of wind above 15 knots : Jan 20 - Feb 19 - Mar 17 - Apr 12 - May 7 - Jun 6 - Jul 5 - Agu 9 - Sep 13 - Oct 20 - Nov 23 - Dec 22


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